Top 10 cheap car insurance companies in USA

While driving there is every chance of meeting with an unexpected accident. The insurance companies cover the financial loss that you may incur in case your car gets involved in an accident causing damages to the property and person. The insurance companies fix the premium based on several factors such as vehicle type, age & gender of the driver, driving history and location. And the rate of premiums does vary. So to have Car insurance at competitive cost you have to find cheap auto insurance companies and compare their rates. This compilation of cheap car insurance companies will help you in your journey for finding affordable car insurance at low cost.

cheap car insurance companiesRead on the list of cheap car insurance companies and settle with one that suits you.

  1. AAA Auto Insurance

With AAA auto insurance you can always expect something more. They have a very strong net work of agents who evaluate your needs to offer you the best coverage at an affordable price. Besides the usual car insurance coverage they also offer additional coverage option such as PIP, payment of medical expenses, car rental coverage etc.  They also offer roadside assistance and have easy claim settlement process.

  1. Country Financial

This insurance provider offers collision coverage, comprehensive coverage with varying deductible choices. The company follows simple insurance management policies and also offer very good discount schemes. They also offer engaged couple discount, occupation discount for teachers and discount for teens besides many other discount offers. Their rates are also competitive and affordable.

  1. GEICO

GEICO or Government Employees Insurance Company is one of the cheap car insurance companies that serve a very large spectrum of clients.  Founded in 1926 GEICO operates in all the states across the country offer the most affordable rates to the customers. The company has many discount offers such as discounts for safe driving history, installing anti-theft gadgets in the car, multi-vehicle insurance and many more. Rated very high in the insurance market, GEICO offers flexible car insurance policies at the most competitive rate to suit needs of their clients.

  1. Esurance

Esurance is a green company. They are pledged to reduce paper consumption and are totally internet based. As they have very minimum overhead they are able to provide cheap car insurance to their clients. They have user friendly website that help the viewers to navigate easily. The company offers discounts for good driving, low mileage etc and has 24×7 claim accessibility. They have a straight system of pricing and pass on the savir savings to the customers.

  1. AARP/Hartford Auto Insurance

AARP offers great rewards on car insurance and is also one of the cheap car insurance companies operating in the country. The company offers special discount offers to the seniors who can still drive so that they can stay independent. They also offer full glass coverage, lifetime renewability and rate protection for twelve months so you need not worry about rate fluctuation after every six months.

  1. Liberty Manual

This is one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States. They are best known for their competitive prices, unbeatable professional service and for their friendly approach. Liberty is one of the top most casualty insurance coverage providers. They also have many offers like multi-policy discount, preferred payment options to reward the clients with savings while charging the most affordable rates.

  1. State Farm

Operating in USA and Canada, this company is rated very high in the insurance market and also happens to be one of the cheap car insurance companies for the most competitive rate they offer. Visiting their website you can get quick quotes, comparing options and can also customize your policy. Following their different coverage schemes you can save a lot.

  1. Progressive

Progressive all offers auto insurance at cheaper rates. Besides having the usual discount offers prevailing in the insurance market, they also have provisions for snap shot discounts for the drivers. The company provides a gadget to the drivers for recoding their driving history and after thirty days they offer discounts base d on the recordings.

  1. 21st Century Insurance

This company also provide auto insurance coverage at the most competitive rate. Buying insurance with 21st Century Insurance you get the advantage of enjoying many discount offers. Being a member of the Farmer group, it also has 24×7 claim processing service. In case of catastrophic situations they also provide on-the-spot service.

  1. USAA Auto Insurance

USAA offers affordable auto insurance coverage at the most competitive rate. You can manage your USAA policy from your mobile. The company also enjoys a high standing in the insurance market and offers many discounts like safe driver discount, annual mileage discount etc to their clients.

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